Epson WorkForce DS-530 A4 Duplex Sheet-fed Document Scanner



Focus on work that matters with the high-speed and all-purpose Epson WorkForce DS-530 scanner. Designed to handle a wide variety of media, you’ll be able to scan anything from fragile paper documents to plastic cards, and even thick books with its flatbed option. To top it off, it can be shared amongst a work group via Ethernet connectivity.

      • Scan at speeds up to 35ppm/70ipm (one-pass duplex)
      • Scan up to A4
      • Scan from 27gsm to 413gsm
      • Flatbed option with the Flatbed Dock and Perfection V39
      • Ethernet (Optional Network Interface Unit required)

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  • Brilliant Presentations
  • Versatile, High-speed Scanning
    Boasting a scan speed of up to 35ppm/70ipm, the DS-530 handles a wide variety of media between 27-413 gsm, so you can scan anything from paper documents to plastic cards such as ID, credit and business cards efficiently and seamlessly.
  • Ethernet
    With the optional Network Interface Unit, the DS-530 can be shared amongst a work group via Ethernet connectivity.
  • Flatbed Option
    A Flatbed Dock can be used with the Epson Perfection V39 to provide a flatbed option for users who need to scan thick objects such as books, or small and fragile documents that can be easily damaged such as receipts.
  • *Ethernet connectivity is not supported when flatbed option is used.
  • Scan Fragile and A3 Documents Easily
    Scan small and fragile documents, as well as A3-sized documents using a carrier sheet that could be automatically detected by the DS-530. Alternatively, you may scan fragile documents without using a carrier sheet by turning on the Slow Scan Mode.
  • User-friendly Features
  • Automatic Feeding Mode
    The Automatic Feeding Mode enables large volumes of documents to be scanned continuously. In addition, this mode allows you to scan documents one at a time without needing to arrange them by size and they will be saved into a single PDF.
  • Double Feed Detection Skip Function
    Activate the Double Feed Detection Skip function to scan documents with stickers and labels.
  • Epson Scan 2 Features
  • Text Enhancement
    Improves text recognition when scanning text documents, whether in colour, greyscale or black-and-white. Removes background for better clarity, which is especially useful for double-sided printed documents.
  • Document Skew Correction
    Automatically adjusts and straightens scanned images.
  • Colour Enhancement & Colour Dropout
    Remove or enhance the visibility of ink signatures such as “Confidential” and “Urgent” stamps. Users can pick one of the preset colours (red, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange, or all colours except black), or use the customised settings to dropout or enhance up to 5 colours of your choice with a single scan. Up to 10 preset colours can be saved for reuse.
  • PDF Features for Added Convenience
    The built-in OCR enables searchable PDF files. Secure your PDF files by setting a password to prevent unauthorised viewing, editing or printing.
  • Document Management
  • Document Capture Software*
    Easily scan, view, edit, save and transfer scanned documents. The software optically recognises barcodes, characters and blank pages in scanned documents to separate them into different folders. It allows you to create up to 30 customised job settings, making multiple scan jobs a breeze.
  • *Document Capture Pro (Windows), Document Capture (Mac OS X)